Welcome by Mic8

Dear friends,

Welcome by Mic8 !

You will find on this site, without any pretension, the different elements that I want to share with you.

Some parts are open access, others, especially photo albums, are restricted access for obvious personality protection issues.

Enjoy your visit !



Logo SatObserver

SatObserver is a Macintosh software that I develop quietly, over time, according to my available moments and my desires, and which allows to know at any time the position of all the artificial satellites turning in Earth orbit.

To learn more, I invite you to visit the page dedicated to it, and from which you can also download it if the heart tells you.

Photo galleries

Photo galleries

The following photo galleries are at your disposal, according to your access rights :

  • Photos of our various agapes, mainly on the farm :
    Access here, restricted to participants.

  • The photos taken during the various missions of radio installations :
    Access here, restricted to rights holders.

  • Photos of team outings, whether by motorcycle or other means of transport :
    Access here, reserved for the members of the team.

    • If you want to have one (or several) photos in the various photo libraries in the original format, it's simple: ask me with your reference and I will send it to you.



The easiest way to contact me is through my email address.

You can also write to me by post mail :

  • Micaël Germann
  • Devin 68
  • CH - 1012 Lausanne
  • Switzerland

The background photos on this page, of which I am the author, are protected by copyright.
Those on the SatObserver page are from the Nasa.